Follow the steps below to transfer your Masketeers account from Android to iOS and vice versa:

Step 1: On a Stable internet connection, log into your preferred account via the Facebook app on your original device.

Step 2: Go to Masketeers > Menu (top left corner) > Settings > Link your game to Facebook on your original device. At this step, do record your player ID and keep it safe somewhere in case something goes wrong.

Step 3: Play Masketeers on your original device for at least 5 minutes to allow the game time to sync to the server, before closing it.

Step 4: On your new device, log into the Facebook app with the same account that is linked to your Masketeer account.

Step 5: Start Masketeers and tap on the screen. Tap on the Sign in with Facebook button that is presented alongside the options of Sign in with Apple/Google and Play as a Guest. Depending on the stability of the internet network, the game may take a couple tries to load your account from the server. You may also encounter a pop-up that says “Error: Timeout (PA, -3, -1)”. However, do not be alarmed as this is an indicator to try again.

Step 6: Once your account has been loaded, do make sure your progress has been transferred to your new device before uninstalling Masketeers from your original device. To ensure that your progress will be easily loaded on your new device, do link your progress to your new device’s authentication system (Sign in with Apple/Google).

If anything goes wrong, send your original player ID to support@appxplore.com and we'll do our best to help!

You will not lose your account data as long as you have linked your account to any Platform services that are available for your device. The Platform services can be located in Masketeers’ in-game settings, which includes services such as:

1. Sign in with Apple / Sign in with Google
2. Facebook

Android devices
To restore your progress, simply reinstall the game on the device that you have access to and log back into the respective service you have used to link your game account.

Apple devices
To restore your progress, simply reinstall the game on the device that you have access to and the game will automatically log into your account based on the active Apple ID account. If the game did not load your account, you may need to change to the right Game Center account based on its respective Apple IDs.

Do note that the device must be able to link to the same service used on the initial device to restore progress. For example, if you are moving from Android to an iOS device, you will not be able to restore your progress in iOS if you had used Google Play Games to link your account.


There are several possibilities that may lead to this issue. Try the following as it could resolve the issue:

- Ensure that there is sufficient storage space on your device as installing Masketeers will require more space than that is displayed on the store due to the device may utilize storage space to compensate for the lack of processing power.

- Close all other apps active in the background, clear the device’s cache and connect to a stable network before attempting to download and install the game.


There are several possibilities that may lead to this issue. Try the following as it could resolve the issue:

- Connect to a (different) Wi-Fi network: You can check the Wi-Fi’s connection speed by streaming a video on any platform to see how quick it loads.

- Pause and restart the app download: tap and hold the app from the Home screen and you will be presented with a couple of options. If the app download is paused, tap Resume Download. If it’s stuck, tap on Pause Download then tap and hold the app again to tap Resume Download.

- Restart your device: If the app appears on the Home screen as a dim or white grid with gray lines on it, do not delete the app. Simply restart the device and redownload the app via the App Store.

There are some few issues that might get you stuck in the loading screen and you could attempt the following fixes.

1. You might be connected to an unstable Internet connection. Try using an alternative network to see if you are able to connect to the game.
2. The Masketeers app might be out-dated. Try updating the game to the latest version. There will be times where the game will display a pop-up to update the game and redirect you to the store.
3. There might be some issues with the cached files on your device, try clearing the cache on both Google Play and Masketeers. If you are using an iOS device, try restarting the Masketeers app or the device.
4. Your device might have some pending updates that are required to operate smoothly. Do update your device’s softwares that includes Google-related apps and try loading Maskeeteers again.

If you are still unable to load the game, kindly reach out to us by emailing to support@appxplore.com with any additional information that leads up to this issue.

  • There may have been an issue with your account data. Try reinstalling the game and log into your account based on the options available on your device (Apple ID, Facebook, or Google Play). You should be able to access the game again.
If you are still unable to access your account, do email to support@appxplore.com along with your Player ID (if possible), in-game name and screenshot of a receipt for any purchases made in Masketeers. It will help us checkout the issue in your game account.

Please check whether you have accidentally logged out from Google Play Services or Apple ID Sign In. Sometimes, a different account may have been signed into the game

Please try to remember any details from your previous account including your in-game name, purchases (with receipt number), platform ID and email to support@appxplore.com, so that our team can assist you in recovering your account.

Video ads generally consume a lot of additional RAM when it loads. We recommend that your smartphone have at least 2 GB RAM for Masketeers especially when your team of Masketeers start to deal a lot of damage. Alternatively, try clearing Masketeer’s cache as this may help clear any cached ads that might be causing the issue.

Advertisements are determined by the advertisers separately in each respective region and some regions may get less advertisements than others. You could try restarting your device and this may sometimes refresh the number of ads you can watch.

We are constantly making improvements and optimizations for Masketeers. However, as we continue to improve the game, the requirements may continue to increase too.

This issue usually occurs when you are connected to an unstable internet network while playing Masketeers. Try the following steps as it helps resolve the issue:

Step 1: Close all other apps that are active in the background, as those could interrupt Masketeers connection to the server.

Step 2: Clear the device’s cache as junk files.

Step 3: Connect to another internet network that is stable as the one that is currently being used may have slowed down due to other users' heavy usage.

Step 4: Restart the app.

When all else fails, restarting your device may work.

Yes, you can start a new account by clearing Masketeers’ data on the device before restarting the game. Do take note that you may need to create a new Google Play or Game Center account in order to bind and retrieve the new account. This is due to your previous Masketeers account having already been linked to the existing service account that you have access to.

This issue is often linked to an unstable internet connection issue. If you did not receive the reward on the stage that you have unlocked it, try completing the next stage. If you are unable to do so, try the following steps:

Step 1: Close all other apps active in the background

Step 2: Clear the device’s and Masketeers’ cache

Step 3: Connect to a stable network before restarting the game

If the issue still occurs, do contact us at support@appxplore.com with your Player ID and screenshot of the issue so that we can have a look into your account.

This is one of the issues that we need to re-address as it seems to be related to our game’s optimization. Whenever the scenario above occurs, we recommend:

Step 1: Closing all other active apps

Step 2: Clear the device’s and Masketeers’ cache

Step 3: Connect to a stable network before restarting the game

There may have been a hiccup in our servers or the inbox system. If a fix is not immediately available, we recommend to continue logging into the game everyday to ensure that the server detects and saves your login activity.


Yes, you can play Masketeers while not being connected to any internet connection. However, please note that you may not be able to access some features in the game as those features need internet connection to:

  1. Sync progress made to the server
  2. Retrieve information from the server

The game encompasses a deep progression system where you can collect new masks and talents as you progress further into the game. We understand that the process may be long but things will become much easier and faster as your team of Masketeers will become stronger after each upgrade.

Alternatively, you can seek help from the community in our Masketeers Subreddit or our Discord server. Otherwise, you can refer to Masketeers Fandom for additional info to improve your knowledge and prowess in the game.

Some of the Milestone rewards are linked to the server by syncing your latest progress to it or retrieving information from it to generate your rewards. Simply restart the game while connected to the internet to claim the Milestone rewards.

Idle Progression takes into account various damage multipliers and calculates approximately how many stages that you were able to clear in the duration you are offline. Do take note that you will not be able to continue if you are not able to beat bosses of a certain level, and you are not able to pass your maximum stage.

As such, the Idle Progression feature may appear to not work immediately as you may have insufficient damage multipliers from various sources to help you make progress while offline. Sources for damage multipliers includes wisps, relics and many more.

Unfortunately, the relics are linked to the game’s feature of syncing players’ progress to the server. As such, it is not possible to upgrade the relics you own while not being connected to any internet connection.

Rune Mastery is a feature that allows players to improve the rarity of runes they earn through the chest and other means. By fusing runes on the same level, players can gain Mastery Experience. Once you have accumulate sufficient experience points at a Mastery level, your Rune Mastery will level up which allows you to earn higher rarity of runes. Do note that the required Mastery Experience points to level up your Rune Mastery will increase at each Mastery level.

To change your team composition and include your newly unlocked Masketeer, you will need to perform Transcendence at the minimum stage of 60. Once you have performed Transcendence, you will be greeted with the tranquil meadow where you can change any 4 Masketeers to make up your team.

In Masketeers, you will receive Arcana in exchange for reseting your sparks, stage progress, Masketeer levels, and Guardian levels. With Arcana, you can unlock and upgrade powerful Relics, which make your team of Masketeers even stronger. Resetting through Transcendence will also allow you to obtain time and sparks to understand and nurture your new Masketeers.

Transcending is key to progressing further and faster in the game.

Tap on the top right corner of the quest to replace it.

There are several possibilities that may not allow you to claim Masks from the Mask Wraiths. The first is that you have reached the maximum capacity of Masks that you can earn. At any given time, you can only have a total of 300 Masks. Simply disenchant Masks that you don’t need into dust to make more space for Masks. You will also be able to use the dust to strengthen the Masks.

Another possibility is that your device is connected to an unstable internet network. Simply follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

Step 1: Close all other apps active in the background
Step 2: Clear the device’s and Masketeers’ cache
Step 3: Connect to another internet network.

As different Masketeers have different Costumes and Visages, you will need to go to each Masketeers’ Wardrobe that is indicated by the “Hanger” symbol. In the Wardrobe, you can change their costume and the skin design for their Masks.

To get more Costumes and Visages, you will need to look out for our events. Stay tune to our social media platforms to get the latest news on events.

Mask Collection is a feature that we have implemented to allow players to earn a guaranteed mask as well as improve their ability to progress further in Masketeers. Through the Mask Collection, players can craft masks of Epic or even Legendary rarity by either using dust earned from Milestone rewards, opening Imperial and Sacred Chest or disenchanting your unused masks.

Apart from the crafting feature of the Mask Collection, players will get bonuses based on the masks they have unlocked. For example, unlocking all the elements for Caine's Epic Wolfpack Mask will earn you the Wolfpack Aspect set bonus that provides 100% bonus increase to all Relics' main bonuses. Do note that bonuses from the Epic Collection and Legendary Collection will stack to allow a larger overall bonus to the players' progression.

The workings of Twilight Cloak’s ability is much more active than the immediate result of “Skip upto X Stages”. The ability description seen from the relic overview is the shortened version of Twilight Clock’s ability as the actual ability description is too long to be displayed on the relic overview.

To obtain and understand the actual ability description, you will need to tap on the “Information” icon at the bottom left of Twilight Clocks’s panel. Below is Twilight Clock’s abilities at level 1:

1) Until Stage 25, clearing 1 stage will skip the next 2 stages

2) Until Stage 50, clearing 1 stage will skip the next 1 stage.

When you have Twilight Clock and Transcend, the first ability will come into effect when you clear Stage 1 and be propelled to Stage 4. This “Skip 2 stages” effect will continue by skipping to Stage 7, Stage 10 and so forth until you reach Stage 25. Once at Stage 25, clearing 1 stage will skip the next 1 stage until you have reached Stage 50.

Medallions are used for increasing your Elite Rank in the Elite Society. The Medallions can be obtained by watching ads or purchasing any offers that are available in the game. Once you have achieved sufficient amount of Medallions, you will increase your elite rank and obtain permanent bonuses that will boost your progress further. As your elite rank increase, you will also gain more bonuses such as more runes from opening chests and even increase the drop of masks from the Mask Wraith by 1.

Currently, we do not have any plans to add more story to the game as we are exploring other areas to improve the game and the players' overall experience. However, we hope you will progress in the game and achieve the Milestones to unlock Masketeers. There are background stories to discover from each Masketeers.


It is likely that your purchase was affected by an unstable internet network. You can attempt to restore the purchases by:

Step 1: Close all other apps active in the background
Step 2: Clear Masketeers’ cache
Step 3 Restart the game over another stable internet network

This should restore all unreceived purchases as the game will make checks during the loading process. Should this fail, try tapping on the “Restore Purchase” button located in the game’s setting.

If our aforementioned solution fail, contact us at support@appxplore.com with the following info:

1) Your issue
2) Your Masketeers ID (random combination of alphabets and numbers) which can be found under Menu>Settings
3) Screenshot of your Google Purchase Receipt with the Google Order Number displayed (starts with GPA.). You can checkout the purchase receipt via your email inbox or pay.google.com.


There are several possibilities that you are not able to join the Orb Royale. These possibilities include:

Unstable Internet Connection
Your device may not be connected to a stable internet connection. A stable internet connection is needed as the Orb Royale will constantly be updated by all player progress throughout the event.

Detected as a Cheater
There may be possibilities that the game's cheating detection system have detected possibilities of your device having installed a modified version of the game or third-party applications that are interfering with the game's process. In this scenario, it is best to email support@appxplore.com with your game ID so that we can look into the issue.

Offensive In-Game Name
It is possible that your account went under investigation due to a player report and have been barred from playing Multiplayer content due to your name being Offensive. We recommend changing your in-game name to a friendlier name. Do note the first name change after the initial change via joining the Orb Royale is free why the subsequent name change will cost crystals