Ordinary individuals at the lowest point of their lives have been reborn as Masketeers, courtesy of visits from the mysterious masks. As the only ones capable of seeing the Wraiths, the Masketeers have made it their mission to free the world from the Wraiths’ despairing influence.

Diverse in their makeup, each Masketeer has unique abilities that inform how they fight or support the team such as stunning enemies or dodging attacks.

Each Masketeer belongs to one of three classes. These include:

  • Attackers: Excels at dishing out damage.
  • Defenders: Excels at keeping themselves and their allies alive.
  • Supporters: Excels at buffing or healing their allies.

When Masketeers defeat Wraiths, they earn Sparks. These can be used to upgrade them, further improving their capabilities. Upon reaching a new level, they will receive a talent point. Talent points can be used to unlock and upgrade talents in the Masketeer’s talent tree. Any spent talent points can be reset for a small sum of crystals. Masketeers can also equip new masks and runes in order to boost their effectiveness even further.

When Masketeers are reduced to 0 HP, they will go into a fainted state. This requires them to recuperate for a period of time before they return to the fight at full strength.