The main source of power for the Masketeers, orbs allow them to unleash attacks and combos capable of taking down the Wraiths for good.

Each Masketeer has their own orb, which can be chained to unleash orb skills that deal additional damage and can have additional effects such as healing or buffing allies. As Masketeers level up, they will eventually be able to chain together longer orb chains and in turn activate stronger versions of their orb skill.

When a Masketeer is in the fainted state, their orbs can be activated to reduce the amount of time needed to revive the Masketeer.

Each orb has a chance to spawn as a Power Orb or Soul Orb. These orbs have an additional benefit.

Power Orbs
Increases the damage of the orb skill by 50%.

Soul Orbs
Charges the Ultimate by 5 orbs, instead of 1

When orb chains of 4 or more are activated, a special orb is spawned. Special orbs cannot be chained. Special Orbs provide various benefits such as:

Spark Orb
Gain a certain amount of sparks, based on the current stage.

Creation Orb
Spawns 4 Orbs

Barrier Orb
Gives all Masketeers a barrier worth 20% of their max HP.

Conjuration Orb
Spawns 2 Soul Orbs.

Invocation Orb
Spawns 2 Power Orbs

If a 5-orb chain is activated, the special orb spawned will be upgraded to a greater special orb. Greater Special Orbs include:

Greater Spark Orb
Gain a larger amount of sparks, based on the current stage

Greater Creation Orb
Spawns 7 Orbs.

Greater Barrier Orb
Gives all Masketeers a barrier worth 35% of their max HP.

Greater Conjuration Orb
Spawns 3 Soul Orbs.

Greater Invocation Orb
Spawns 3 Power Orbs.

Each Masketeer has access to an Ultimate ability that can turn the tide of battle. This ability charges over time, but can be hastened by chaining the Masketeer’s own orbs together. When fully charged, ultimates will appear on the orb bar, ready to be unleashed at a moment’s notice.


The source of a Masketeer’s power, these mysterious masks allow the wearer to see Wraiths and wield the powers necessary to defeat them. Each mask has its own unique powers, allowing Masketeers to adapt to any situation.

Each mask comes with a main bonus that increases the wearer’s HP & Damage, an element type, a rune bonus and substats that provide different bonuses. Masks come in four rarities, with higher rarities providing additional substats and abilities.

Masks can be disenchanted into dust, which can be used to upgrade or craft other masks as well as reroll any unwanted substats on them.

Collecting Epic or Legendary masks will count towards your Mask Collection. Completing full sets will grant permanent bonuses, even if the relevant masks are disenchanted afterwards. The current progress of your Mask Collection can be checked in the Masketeers tab.


Strange gemstones humming with faint traces of power, these runes scattered across the globe are now used by the Masketeers to give them an extra edge in battle.

Up to 3 runes can be equipped to a Masketeer at any given time. Runes provide additional effects to the Masketeer such as increased damage, HP, armor and so on. Each Masketeer has a different configuration of rune shapes, which determines the type of runes they can equip.

Runes of the same shape, color and star value can be fused together to create a rune of the same shape and color with a higher star value. Fusing runes will improve your Rune Mastery, which will increase the star value range of all runes.

If the colour of the equipped runes matches up with the currently equipped mask’s rune bonus, the mask’s main bonus (HP & Damage) will be increased significantly.


Masketeers and wisps are capable of harnessing the power of the elements, allowing them to burn, freeze and shock their foes.

Masks with the Fire, Ice or Electric element type have a chance to inflict an elemental condition on Wraiths. Certain wisps can also inflict elemental conditions as well. Elemental conditions apply additional effects to affected Wraiths. These include:

Burn (Fire)
Deals 50% damage every second to the Wraith.

Frost (Ice)
Slows the Wraith’s attack speed by 20% and causes it to take 10% additional damage per hit.。

Static (Electric)
Deals 10% additional damage to all Wraiths per hit.


Manifested from the negative emotions of humans, Wraiths are visible only to the Masketeers thanks to their masks. With the Wraiths’ goal to perpetuate a cycle of despair and in turn sustaining their own existence, the Masketeers have their work cut out for them.

Each stage comprises 10 waves of regular Wraiths, followed by a boss Wraith wave. Boss Wraiths at every 5th stage have access to additional attacks, such as AOE attacks. After defeating the boss Wraith, the player will move on to the next stage. If they are unable to defeat the boss Wraith in the time given, the Masketeers will be sent to Limbo where they will be unable to progress until the boss is defeated.

There are also several different special Wraiths that you’ll encounter on your journey. These include:

Spark Wraith
Provides additional sparks when defeated

Mask Wraith
Provides a random mask when defeated.

Void Wraith
Advances the player a number of stages when defeated.

Phantom Bandit
Provides Fate Tokens when defeated. Fate Tokens can be used to spin the Trader of Fates’ slots.


Mysterious creatures in their own right, the Guardians remain an enigma to all but their most devoted followers. Whatever they may be, their blessings are nothing short of a miracle for the Masketeers.

Guardians can be levelled up with Sparks, similar to Masketeers. Guardians can only be levelled up to a max level of 5. At each new level, each Guardian will offer a choice between two blessings that provide differing benefits. Once one is selected, the other is locked out until the next run.

There are 4 Guardians, each pertaining to a specific aspect. These include:

The Guardian of Power: The Vermilion Bird offers its followers blessings centered around amplifying their damage capabilities.
The Guardian of Wealth: The Spark Beast offers its followers blessings centered around boosting their fortunes.
The Guardian of Vigor: The Azure Dragon offers its followers blessings centered around improving their vitality and survivability.
The Guardian of Fortunes: The White Tiger offers its followers blessings centered around enhancing their luck in many aspects.


Spectral beings of unknown origin, wisps serve as friendly allies to the Masketeers in their fight against the Wraiths.

Wisps are earned through hatching wisp cores. They can be hatched every 4 hours, or obtained as rewards for progressing through the game or other events. Wisps can be leveled up by hatching wisps that have already been unlocked.

There are a total of 21 wisps to unlock. Each wisp provides a small bonus to the Masketeers’ damage, HP or Spark Drop as well as provides them access to the wisp’s orb, which will have a chance of spawning in the orb bar. Activating their orbs will trigger the wisp’s special ability such as increasing the Masketeers’ damage, hitting Wraiths with elemental attacks or reviving fainted Masketeers immediately.


Transcendence is the process of renewal where Masketeers are able to push past their limits and go further than before. For the Masketeers seeking to fight a never-ending battle against the Wraiths, it’s a sacrifice they are willing to make.

Upon reaching stage 60 during any run, transcendence can be performed. Transcendence will grant a certain amount of arcana based on the player’s stage progress, which can be used to summon and upgrade relics. Transcendence will also reset any stage progress, Masketeers and Guardians’ levels as well as any Sparks earned thus far. Arcana, relic upgrades, wisps and other important progress will otherwise be retained. During transcendence, the current team of Masketeers can be swapped out with any Masketeers that are in reserve.


Long-lost artifacts from the past, these relics still retain some form of their ancient power, an advantage the Masketeers can’t afford to ignore in this hour of need.

Relics are rare items that provide a passive bonus to the player’s HP, Spark Drop or damage, in addition to a special bonus exclusive to that relic. Normal relics are obtainable by using arcana to summon them while special relics are only obtainable through progression. Arcana can also be used to upgrade relics to improve their passive bonus as well as their special bonus.

Collecting all 3 relics in a set will grant a permanent bonus, such as reduced cooldown on wisp cores and wooden chests. If any relic in that set is disenchanted, that bonus will be lost. When a relic is disenchanted, all Arcana used to discover and upgrade the relic will be refunded.


There is very little known about this strange merchant and little it cares to reveal. Regardless, its wares are more than enough to suit the Masketeers’ needs. Of course, whether it is serving its own interests remains to be seen…

During transcendence, the Trader of Fates will appear, you can spend Fate Tokens to roll his Slot Machine.. The slot machine offers various prizes such as general buffs to the Masketeers, crystals, arcana, masks and so on. Occasionally, you may even score a jackpot, earning an amazing prize in turn.

Fate Tokens can be earned by defeating the Phantom Bandit, a thieving Wraith that appears once at a certain stage in each run.


The Astral Burst is a powerful attack that is unlocked after performing transcendence for the first time. As you activate orbs, it will slowly charge up the Astral Burst meter. Once the meter is filled, the Masketeers will unleash a devastating strike that will clear multiple waves depending on the Masketeers’ overall damage output. This makes it ideal for clearing multiple stages at once, especially in the early game.


Charms are special allies that grant additional benefits when activated. Charms can be earned through the Trader of Fates’ slots or by purchasing them using crystals (premium currency).

The six charms include:
Prosperuma: Grants a large sum of Sparks based on the player’s current stage progress.
Vigoruma: Masketeers deal increased damage for several hours.
Expelruma: All Wraiths in the wave are instantly defeated.
Hasteruma: Ultimates charge faster for several hours.
Repelruma: Masketeers gain increased armor and revive speed for several hours.
Orbruma: Orb spawn speed is increased for several hours.


Buffs and debuffs are effects that can turn the tide of battle in the Masketeers’ favor, represented by light blue and light red icons respectively. These effects can be applied by certain talents, orb skills and other methods, only lasting for a short duration.

Buffs include:

Attack Speed: The Masketeer’s attack speed is increased.

Damage: The Masketeer’s overall damage is increased.

Dodge Chance: The Masketeer’s chance to dodge attacks is increased.

Critical Chance: The Masketeer’s chance to land critical hits is increased.

Critical Damage: The Masketeer’s damage on critical hits is increased.

Spark on Attack: The Masketeer’s auto-attacks generate Sparks.

Taunt Chance: The Masketeer’s chance to taunt Wraiths is increased

Deflection Chance: The Masketeer’s chance to deflect attacks is increased.

Healing Over Time: The Masketeer is healed over a period of time.

Orb Damage: The Masketeer’s orb skill damage is increased.。

Armor: The Masketeer’s armor is increased.

Debuffs include:

Attack Speed: The Wraith’s attack speed is reduced.

Stun: The Wraith is stunned and will not perform attacks in this state.

Burn: Deals 50% damage every second to the Wraith.

Frost: Slows the Wraith’s attack speed by 20% and causes it to take 10% additional damage per hit.

Static: Deals 10% of base damage to all Wraiths per hit.

Mark: Attacks against the marked Wraith have increased critical chance.

Blind: The Wraith has a 50% chance to miss its attacks.

Additional Damage: The Wraith will take additional damage from all attacks.

Damage Reduction: The Wraith’s attacks deal less damage.